About Me

I am a carbon-based life form.

I aspire to one day write something meaningful here.


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The Basics

Animal: rats and mice
Colour: med-to-light blues
Colour, Worn: black, brown, grey, olive drab
Flower: white Phalaenopsis orchid, calla lily
Houseplant: Spathiphyllum “Sensation”
Hobby: baking/cooking, exercise/lifting weights
Gemstone: honey or cognac amber, bone, shell, fossils, natural and unpolished stones
Scent: sandalwood
Weather: thunderstorms


Celebrity: Stephen Colbert
Music Artist: Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga
Song: Learning to Fly, Time, High Hopes (Pink Floyd)
Music, Art:varies by mood of piece being worked on
Music, Driving:classic rock, metal, pop
Music, Writing: ambient, electronica, classical
Anime: Captain Harlock, Monster
TV Cartoon: The Venture Brothers
TV Live Action: Law & Order (original), Better Call Saul
Movie: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, Wreck-It Ralph, Ratatouille
Book: The Little Prince
Comic Book: Arsenic Lullaby, Poison Elves
Manga:Berserk, Battle Angel Alita
Visual Artist:El Greco, Banksy
Game, PC: Minecraft
Game, Console: Final Fantasy VI, Tetris
Game, Arcade: Galaga, Killer Instinct

Out and About

City: Saint Paul, MN (Love my adoptive home!)
Recreation: good conversation, dancing, photography, firearm target practice, arts and crafts festivals, walking in the many local parks, sports games, travel
Restaurant: Keys CafĂ©, almost any low-rent mom ‘n pop diner
Shopping: Goodwill, thrift shops, garage sales

Tasty Treats

Alcohol: no drink, no drugs
Candy: sour gummy worms
Cookie: snickerdoodle
Dessert: carrot cake
Drink: Diet Rockstar (in moderation)
Main: fried chicken, why you gotta have so many carbs, baby
Steak: medium-rare you heathen
Side: grilled or steamed almost any veggies really
Sandwich: gyro with extra tzatziki sauce
Snack: egg rolls and spring rolls
Fruit: pineapple
Spice: cinnamon and clove
Soup: miso, creamy tomato basil, beef stew
Vegetable: asparagus, broccoli, carrots


blend of antique/midcentury modern/industrial style, military surplus,
vintage-looking utilitarian satchels and backpacks, independent diners and
restaurants, electric lights, 75%-80% bitter dark chocolate, extreme frugality,
suicidal work ethic, taking questionable supplements, index funds


butterflies, milk chocolate, most jewelry, wine, NOISE, the sun,


arts and crafts, computer hardware, rats, houseplants, gardening,
cooking, baking, makeup, science and technology, writing


“Tongue-tied and twisted,
Just an earth-bound misfit, I.”
Learning to Fly, Pink Floyd

“I am bad and that’s good.
I will never be good and that’s not bad.
There is no one I’d rather be than me.”
Wreck-It Ralph