[VIDEO BLOG] MSP Springcon 2019

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Meet me Saturday, May 18th (10A – 6PM) or Sunday, May 19th (10AM – 5PM) at the MN State Fair Grandstand for MSP Springcon 2019!

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Find more information and the full guest list at MCBAComicons.com!

MCBA MSP Springcon 2019

Bid on the original comic artwork below at the “Charity Art Auction,” located in the Guest Panel Room on the second floor, Sunday, 2:30PM. Proceeds benefit the Hero Initiative and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


Happy bidding, and I hope to see you soon!

Monthly Spotlight: Taya Ell

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“Monthly spotlight” is a recurring feature of this blog where once per month, I introduce you to the biography and creative work of some of my best friends and colleagues. Please take a moment to learn about them!

This month’s spotlight is on friend Taya Ell. In Taya’s own words…

“My Name is Taya and I am the creator behind Zombie Cheshire Productions. I am an artist with many media I enjoy, and a new mother. I enjoy sculpting, drawing, and painting mainly but I also dabble in resin and crystal garden crafting. My creations are usually a mix of creepy-cute, fantasy, and super nerdy. I take a lot of inspiration from my favorite books and video games such as the ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Legend of Zelda’ series.”

“I grew up drawing all sorts of things. The first I was ever able to draw decently well was old cars when I was pretty young. Then I discovered video games and anime which influenced my art style and helped me grow immensely. Over time I slowly transitioned to my current style after art classes and figuring out how to use references. I am only where I am today with my drawing and painting due to lots of practice.”

Dragon Sculpture by Taya Ell

“At a young age I also discovered cosplay and have been cosplaying for over 10 years now. I really love costume building and the creative process behind it all. My favorite cosplay build has been my Steam Punk Moogle cosplay from the ‘Final Fantasy’ series (pictured below) where I created the whole dress, head piece, and wings with help from some rather creative friends of mine. I mainly cosplay from video games since they have had such a big influence on my life.”

Steam Punk Moogle Cosplay by Taya Ell

“Over the years I added sculpting and resin crafting to my repertoire of crafts. I especially love sculpting dragons and have plans to create many more through the years. I love incorporating crystals into my sculptures where I can because I feel like it adds something special to each piece. With resin I get to experiment with my creepy-cute side and play with ALL THE GLITTER, AKA the bane of a crafter’s existence. I really enjoy it as a medium though and it allows me to create some truly awesome stuff.”

“In my spare time (when I am not creating things) I enjoy reading, playing my favorite RPGs (role playing games), and spending time with my small little family. I love sharing my creativity with the world and can’t wait to share it with my little one. On that note though, I am going to wrap this up. Thank you for reading and learning about me and my art. Stay Crafty my friends!”

Painting by Taya Ell

Learn more:
Zombie Cheshire Productions @ DeviantArt
Zombie Cheshire Productions @ Facebook
Zombie Cheshire Productions @ Instagram
Zombie Cheshire Productions @ Twitter

[VIDEO BLOG] Free Comic Book Day!

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Meet me Saturday, May 4th at Hot Comics and Collectibles in Richfield, MN, for Free Comic Book Day! (8AM – 4PM, 6609 Nicollet Ave S Richfield MN 55423)

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MMPI Results

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In the midst of sleep-deprived, last-minute preparations for Free Comic Book Day and MSP Springcon 2019 today, I was finally able to sit down and discuss the results of my MMPI test with my therapist. Nothing really surprising there. It was fairly in-line with my own self-assessments and existing efforts.

The therapist initially attempted to cushion? the results a bit, I suppose, but I told her that these conclusions seemed accurate to me. She replied along the lines of, “Having interpreted thousands of MMPI results, I honestly expected yours to be worse.” And we both laughed a little. She also told me much later on that I seem surprisingly well-adjusted, given many of the situations I have been/lived through. I attribute it to a lifetime of service-oriented jobs.

Full report below. Click the images to embiggen them.

MMPI Page One

MMPI Page Two

MMPI Page Three

[VIDEO BLOG] Heavy Lifting

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Bro, do you even lift?

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Three-ish weeks on ADHD medication, and I feel a little like I have developed a super-power. A few evenings ago, I was attempting to have a conversation with someone soft-spoken while his TV blasted a talking-head news program only a few feet away. In the past the two streams of competing sound would have sent my brain bouncing back-and-forth like a pinball, but I found that I could follow him easily, and even recall what I was told in detail later. I think this is probably an ability most people take for granted. The feelings of being “out of sync” with everyone around me have slowly faded, and I certainly feel more present and engaged, generally. I am being mindful of creating “good” habits while I am medicated, that will hopefully carry-over at least somewhat to the times when I am not. The consuming sense of impatience and urgency that I experienced when hyperfocused on something is fading, as well.

I was apprehensive about the loss of hyperfocus, but the increase in day-to-day productivity, and time not lost to disorganization more than makes up for it. Now that my office is clean (I was excited to show before and after pics to my therapist!), next is my convention prep for this year, then finish getting my financials in order. I have continued to be on-time to things, and not missed a single gym day this month, in spite of coming down with another cold.

I am not sure if this is “being normal,” but I like it.