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Happy Happy Rats

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Another four days off this week. The fogginess is clearing away from my head and it feels like I can breathe again. Stephen has been giving me much more space, and my productivity is increasing proportionally. Yesterday I went back to the gym for the first time since before the holidays. I am starting out with a trainer to learn how to correctly use the free weights. The plan is to come up with a three-times-per-week workout aimed at building strength that will be the most efficient use of my limited time. My weight loss is also starting to plateau around 120lbs. I have been holding off on the gym in anticipation of that. The addition of hard cardio and starting weight training should hopefully help shed the last 10lbs to my target. Once I am the size I want to be, focus will shift to health and strength, rather than the number on the scale.

Losing more weight has aged me somewhat as my face has thinned out, but I have found that I actually like it. Whatever has been happening to me over the past year, and even moreso in the past few months, I feel much older. In a good way. Perhaps saying I feel more mature might be a preferable way to phrase it. Not that I don’t enjoy a good fart joke, but overcoming my anxiety and self-control issues came with an indescribable aura of adultness.

This poor painting, languishing for two years in the background of most of my in-office videos, is finally finished. Happy Happy Rat No. 0007 is the next in a series of no-two-exactly-alike Happy Rat paintings, none of which since 0001 will have prints made. Starting later this summer, I plan to begin producing at least one per week, and have them displayed at local Twin Cities venues to the general public (coffee shops, antique/resale shops, galleries, etc). There are also several comic stores soon to be carrying my mini-comics.

Happy Happy Rat No 0007

There is also a Happy Happy Rats colouring book in the works, planned to be ready-to-ship by the end of April. Visitors to my Instagram will have seen the pages as I am drawing them. The originals are for sale fairly inexpensively in my Etsy shop. I might do a colouring book pre-order with the T-shirts.

Am I happy? Honestly, I do not know. Sometimes I am. Even often. But other times I am overtaken by a sense of nebulous loss, and of restlessness. I am coming to the conclusion that it is not in the creative nature to be happy or content for very long. Creativity and stagnation are antithetic to each other. I believe it is stagnation that is at the root of my depression — in myself, and when exposed to it too much in the people around me. It is not my place to judge other’s life choices or priorities, but time is so very precious. Right now I have managed to surround myself with dynamic and growth-minded people. I need to challenge myself, and I need to be challenged by my environment. I am not the same person that I was only two years ago, and in another two years, I will be different still. I want to live to my fullest potential, and be the best version of myself that I can. Let nothing be squandered. I have goals, and an actionable, realistic plan to achieve them. For the first time in my life, I have patience. Keep working on myself, and let things happen naturally.


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Thanks to a serendipitous blizzard Monday afternoon, I had four consecutive days off this week. Though I have been distressed again about the volume of stuff in my apartment, after around two days I finally, FINALLY started to feel a little better. For my birthday, I got an overdue phone upgrade, and I have recently purchased an inexpensive assortment of lights, mounts, and tripods to better help me accomplish my ideas on my own. Monday I headed out as the storm blew in, and captured some footage that I have been planning for weeks. The perfect conditions finally presented — fast heavy snowfall, during daylight hours, while I was available, with temps in the mid-30Fs so I would not freeze to death. I still have some footage to make, in addition to creating the core artwork timelapse for this video. And now I am using different video editing software, which will slow me down, but ultimately be good because it has many more capabilities and options. New video ready by April, I think?


As of tonight, the Queen of Assholes website is live. The next few pages are in progress, including the “playing card” Queen logo to be offered as a T-shirt presale in the coming weeks. There will also be a second printing of the Stop Fuckin’ Around T-shirt so please watch for that, especially if you need one of the extra+ large or small sizes. I am so ridiculously excited to make the room in my schedule to work on Queen — this book is going to be the intersection of everything that I have learned, experienced, and created, and stretch my artistic and storytelling abilities beyond anything I have ever attempted.

Queen of Assholes

The Have Tablet Will Scribble comics were pulled from that collection and given their own archive. That series will continue to be updated on an “as I feel like it” basis, as an outlet for Dollar Late and Lunch Break style material set in the present. Even though they are lower resolution than most of my work, I have printed them successfully, so I imagine at some point I will collect a smallish book of material. Currently I have about four to six written to draw.

Devilled Eggs

I will be live-streaming artwork soon via Twitch — schedule to be determined. Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Indie Huntress for her website. Please give that a read! If you write for a blog, host a podcast, or participate in other media and would like to talk with me, please contact me by any method you prefer. As Queen of Assholes unfolds, I am passionate to discuss issues of forgiveness, personal growth, and self-acceptance.

Blood and Ink

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The fleece-lined jeans that I bought, deliberately too small, at the beginning of January are now starting to slide down on my hips. I will need a belt soon. I stand over the kitchen counter, attacking a roasted chicken from the grocery store directly with a fork, mindless of the juice and stray bits of pepper on my face. There are no need for formalities or plates here. Sugar is sloth. Sugar is weakness. I am satisfied by the bitterness of the darkest chocolate and black coffee. I am hungry, but it is not a hunger for food. We are beyond that now. This week I had part of my signature tattooed on the knuckles of my drawing hand, as a reminder and a symbol of the commitment to my goals. It burned. It felt good. As I eat, I become acutely aware of the feeling of my teeth.

Every day is a step closer to death. I am alive.


I have reached another breaking point, and feel strongly that my time is now. I am attempting to have one or two of my team members promoted, so that I can gracefully bow out of my current employment with little disruption. Myself, I am negotiating for a position where I would work three 9-10 hour days per week, as close to my current rate of pay as possible, so that I would net only about a one-quarter to one-third loss in reliable income. This would leave me with one day per week to dedicate to administrative and social activities, and three full days to achieve a good workflow producing artwork and comics.

I cannot tolerate my lack of artistic productivity any longer. Please support my Patreon if you enjoy my work, or care about me on a personal level at all.