Thanks to a serendipitous blizzard Monday afternoon, I had four consecutive days off this week. Though I have been distressed again about the volume of stuff in my apartment, after around two days I finally, FINALLY started to feel a little better. For my birthday, I got an overdue phone upgrade, and I have recently purchased an inexpensive assortment of lights, mounts, and tripods to better help me accomplish my ideas on my own. Monday I headed out as the storm blew in, and captured some footage that I have been planning for weeks. The perfect conditions finally presented — fast heavy snowfall, during daylight hours, while I was available, with temps in the mid-30Fs so I would not freeze to death. I still have some footage to make, in addition to creating the core artwork timelapse for this video. And now I am using different video editing software, which will slow me down, but ultimately be good because it has many more capabilities and options. New video ready by April, I think?


As of tonight, the Queen of Assholes website is live. The next few pages are in progress, including the “playing card” Queen logo to be offered as a T-shirt presale in the coming weeks. There will also be a second printing of the Stop Fuckin’ Around T-shirt so please watch for that, especially if you need one of the extra+ large or small sizes. I am so ridiculously excited to make the room in my schedule to work on Queen — this book is going to be the intersection of everything that I have learned, experienced, and created, and stretch my artistic and storytelling abilities beyond anything I have ever attempted.

Queen of Assholes

The Have Tablet Will Scribble comics were pulled from that collection and given their own archive. That series will continue to be updated on an “as I feel like it” basis, as an outlet for Dollar Late and Lunch Break style material set in the present. Even though they are lower resolution than most of my work, I have printed them successfully, so I imagine at some point I will collect a smallish book of material. Currently I have about four to six written to draw.

Devilled Eggs

I will be live-streaming artwork soon via Twitch — schedule to be determined. Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Indie Huntress for her website. Please give that a read! If you write for a blog, host a podcast, or participate in other media and would like to talk with me, please contact me by any method you prefer. As Queen of Assholes unfolds, I am passionate to discuss issues of forgiveness, personal growth, and self-acceptance.

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