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So this happened.

About 70lbs lost, and now it's time to gain some of it back in strength! This is only my second workout. My atrophied, wet-noodle artist's arms and legs can't handle much yet. I can't squat more than the bar, and can't get very low. But hey, ya gotta start somewhere. 🏋️‍♀️ Excited to make a comparison video after a few months of hard work! Thanks again whoever it was that gifted me the gloves years and years ago. 💌 . Going on 39 years old! Never too late!!! . . . . . #jinwicked #gym #gymmotivation #gyms #gymfit #gymrat #gymrats #gymlifestyle #gymtime💪 #gymday #gymgirl #gymgirls #squat #squats #squatrack #squatting #squatgirl #squatgirls #fitness #fitnesslife #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitnessgoals #health #exercise #weights #lift #lifting #girlswholift #womenwholift

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And yes, I am aware I am not doing it correctly, but there is not much weight there, and since then I have been practicing at home to improve my form. My answer to everything is now squats. At the gym, or my body weight at home. Bad mood? Squats. Can’t sleep? Squats. Want to eat a carton of ice cream? Squats. Need a break from drawing? Squats. If life wants to throw me shade, then at least my ass can look glorious as I walk away with two middle fingers in the air. So far, I am loving it, and I cannot wait to see what my body looks and feels like after six and twelve months of going to the gym religiously. This is what I have been searching for and failed to find with my multiple attempts in the past to get into shape. Right environment, right help, right spirit. I am learning from a very generous and experienced friend, since I cannot afford a personal trainer. Monitoring and tweaking my diet is next. Eat all the eggs!

Lately I have been reading about the nuances between helping, supporting, and enabling — both on the receiving and giving ends — for various reasons. Breaking free from my co-dependent relationships and enablers was a huge step in my personal journey and finding my autonomy. I ran across this chart, and had to give myself a little pat on the back. Since moving up from Texas, I have changed from a neurotic, living embodiment of the right-hand column, to quite comfortably and wholly on the left. This happened through intense self-examination, my new personal experiences, and as odd as it sounds, reading lots of advice solicited for other peoples’ real-life relationship scenarios. Turns out that other people’s disasters can be quite enlightening when it comes to what is, and isn’t, appropriate or tolerable. So I figured out how to navigate personal relationships and resolve conflicts in a constructive way, unlike the examples set by my parents or how I was largely treated growing up.

Healthy Relationships

Having a spine is pretty great. You know what else you need a spine for?

That’s right. Doing squats.

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