Creator Spotlight: Mark Wise

“Creator spotlight” is a recurring feature of this blog where once per month, I introduce you to the biography and creative work of some of my best friends and colleagues. Please take a moment to learn about them!

This spotlight is on friend Mark Wise. In Mark’s own words…

“I’m a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Cartoonist. Probably in that order, though I’d love to flip that around. I’ve been drawing my whole life and I have always loved comics. Starting with the newspaper strips and later, at the age you’re supposed to grow out of comics, I fell in love with comic books. To this day I wear those early influences, like Todd McFarlane, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, on my sleeve.”

Coffee by Mark Wise

“In a nod to all the black and white indie comics I grew up with, probably my favorite style to work in is a high-contrast black and white style. Typically I will draw on bristol board and ink directly over my pencils using a dip pen and various brushes with India ink. When I do work in color, I prefer to use watercolors with my inks, or color the images digitally in Photoshop. Sometimes, depending on what the final image is going to be used for, I’ll even ‘ink’ digitally in Illustrator.”

Frankenstein's Monster by Mark Wise

“The past couple of years, this past year especially, I’ve done a pretty decent job getting my name out in the local Houston art scene. My art shows regularly at The Insomnia Gallery, and I have started getting a decent collection of merchandise made. One of my goals for the upcoming year, and moving forward is to get back into drawing sequential art again. Graphic design pays the bills. Illustration is getting me noticed in the local art scene, but my true love is still comics. So like I said at the beginning, I’m going to work to flip those three around.”

Robot Mascot by Mark Wise

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