Piece of Cake

“The icing on the cake is when other people enjoy your
vision and support what you do.” – Cise Star

For my birthday this year, I took a break from my struggles with drawing right now to make myself a Queen of Assholes-themed birthday cake. I really need to drag my ass into a Wilton cake-decorating class one of these days to learn proper frosting techniques, instead of constantly winging it, but the finished cake is close to my original vision. The crown is representative of the poster-board and glitter crown I made for my Queen of Assholes video, the grass and flowers are representative of Como Park (where I make much of my footage) and the BLOOM video, and the top hat is obvious, but also representative of the JENNY video. If you are wondering what became of the cake afterward, I ate so much extra cookies, cake, and frosting during the process of making it, that after my documentation was done I cut and gave most of it away.

Queen of Assholes Birthday Cake

Almost every time I work on a video feature, I learn something new, which I find incredibly addictive. In this instance, I finally got the hang of the subtitles function. I have also been experimenting more with multiple layers and tracks of audio and video. I know there are ongoing issues with the capture quality, but especially in my kitchen, space is limited and the lighting is very poor.

My birthday cake took approximately thirty hours to make over the course of three nights, including prep work. I recorded the whole process, and edited it down to slightly over one hour, with some portions of playback up to 5x-15x actual speed. The full video, below, also includes my failed attempt at making hard candy, during which I earned myself a (potentially second-degree) burn on my drawing hand when I dripped 300°F hot melted sugar on it. Once the cooked skin sloughed off, the wound was nearly a full 1/16th of an inch deep, with a perfect edge. My inner child found that to be cool and interesting.

I also edited a “highlights” copy to show the progression of the cake creation with only music, for the benefit of anyone that wants to see the construction and individual components without watching the long, detailed version.

You can see more of my edible creations at JinsKitchen.com.