Creator Spotlight: Taya Ell

“Creator spotlight” is a recurring feature of this blog where I introduce you to the biography and creative work of some of my best friends and colleagues. Please take a moment to learn about them!

This spotlight is on friend Taya Ell. In Taya’s own words…

“My Name is Taya and I am the creator behind Zombie Cheshire Productions. I am an artist with many media I enjoy, and a new mother. I enjoy sculpting, drawing, and painting mainly but I also dabble in resin and crystal garden crafting. My creations are usually a mix of creepy-cute, fantasy, and super nerdy. I take a lot of inspiration from my favorite books and video games such as the ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Legend of Zelda’ series.”

“I grew up drawing all sorts of things. The first I was ever able to draw decently well was old cars when I was pretty young. Then I discovered video games and anime which influenced my art style and helped me grow immensely. Over time I slowly transitioned to my current style after art classes and figuring out how to use references. I am only where I am today with my drawing and painting due to lots of practice.”

Dragon Sculpture by Taya Ell

“At a young age I also discovered cosplay and have been cosplaying for over 10 years now. I really love costume building and the creative process behind it all. My favorite cosplay build has been my Steam Punk Moogle cosplay from the ‘Final Fantasy’ series (pictured below) where I created the whole dress, head piece, and wings with help from some rather creative friends of mine. I mainly cosplay from video games since they have had such a big influence on my life.”

Steam Punk Moogle Cosplay by Taya Ell

“Over the years I added sculpting and resin crafting to my repertoire of crafts. I especially love sculpting dragons and have plans to create many more through the years. I love incorporating crystals into my sculptures where I can because I feel like it adds something special to each piece. With resin I get to experiment with my creepy-cute side and play with ALL THE GLITTER, AKA the bane of a crafter’s existence. I really enjoy it as a medium though and it allows me to create some truly awesome stuff.”

“In my spare time (when I am not creating things) I enjoy reading, playing my favorite RPGs (role playing games), and spending time with my small little family. I love sharing my creativity with the world and can’t wait to share it with my little one. On that note though, I am going to wrap this up. Thank you for reading and learning about me and my art. Stay Crafty my friends!”

Painting by Taya Ell

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