The first volume of Have Tablet Will Scribble is in the works with a target to be printed in September or October of this year. Books! Comics! Comic books!

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I ran over a series of deep potholes coming home one night last week, in an unlit area, and ruined one of my brand-new tires. Thankfully, I made it home safely without a blow-out, losing control of my car, or worse. One wheel was damaged, and I may replace it soon, but I did have to purchase another new tire. I had never seen a “tire bubble” before. I drove back to the area during the daytime to see what I hit. Apparently I can file a claim with MnDOT.

Searching out ways to resolve the scheduling issue, I am making plans to get my CNA after my final convention of this year in the fall. Doing so would open up positions with more flexibility to me. I am also researching the feasibility of earning an LPN while juggling a job and my personal business. (Wrapping up a few almost-finished projects would help, significantly.) I would like to evolve into hospice care, someday, as I feel a spiritual call to care for the dying. I am comfortable with death and loss in a way that many people are not.

This essay about “hunger” I read on Sunday resonated with me.

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