[VIDEO BLOG] Well, that escalated quickly.

This is not really what I meant by becoming a “hospice worker.”

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Steve and I went to a Bernie Sanders event in the Saint Paul RiverCentre the evening before Super Tuesday. I had not attended a campaign rally since the primary season of 2008. The energy was similar to Obama’s crowd back then. It was refreshing to watch people speaking about meaningful policies for the working classes, and acting as a community toward a common good, instead of the dog-eat-dog reality we inhabit. The current path is unsustainable, but change is scary, and not enough people are ready for a paradigm shift.

The environment and the economy will eventually force it upon us.

Bernie Sanders Rally

Before everything started shutting down due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus, I had the chance to participate as an extra in a student film project. Aside from being a great opportunity to get out of the office for a while, it provides some additional justification for my huge (mostly cheap and thrifted) wardrobe.

Extra at the Lexington

I look forward to doing it again, if I make it through the pandemic.

Spring 2020 Fashion Lookin' Good

In the meantime…