Coming Soon


I am in the process of rebooting this blog and my social media after multiple surgeries and coming out as agender (they/them) earlier this year. I will resume my vlogs soon. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you have not already. You can read a bit more about my brief blogging/social media hiatus here on Facebook. TL;DR: I am doing well, but I have needed a lot of alone time.

I recently ended a 4+ year cohabitating relationship. Finally living for myself, I have been rearranging/redoing spaces to better focus on my assorted projects and work, as well as function as a sanctuary for my sensory issues etc. If you would like to send a re-housewarming gift, please check out my wishlist.

I also no longer have a roommate splitting bills and rent, so your Patreon support, at any level, is extra-appreciated going forward.

Thank you as always for your interest in my work!