I am a 41 year-old, agender/non-binary visual and performance artist, illustrator, podcaster, and writer on the autism spectrum who works with the guiding philosophy that, “Life is art.” My homepage is

I am most well-known for my multiple slice-of-life web comics, Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break (2003), A Dollar Late and A Day Short (2008), Have Tablet Will Scribble (2015), and Queen of Assholes (2018). You may also be familiar with my “Happy Happy Rat” mascots and meticulous ink illustrations. My 2003 ink illustration, The Universal Turing Machine, has been included in many academic publications over the years. I have plans to make an updated version soon!

I am currently working on a written autobiography, and my first art book collecting work from 2015 through 2020.

My personal journey of self-discovery has been a public process, unfolding over two decades through my artwork, comics, and self-portraiture. Through the use of collage-like illustrations and recurring symbolism, I attempt to illuminate the emotional and mental states I often do not have the verbal language to express. My autobiographical work explores the complexity of identity and
self-image, and fearlessly bridges the gap between colourful humour and
difficult subject matter such as anxiety, depression, love, mental
illness, and neurodiversity.

In addition to my comics, I produce a
personal blog and vlog where I regularly elaborate on my setbacks and successes, studio artwork and illustrations, occasional podcasts, and an assortment of videos ranging from musical montages to Q&A and skit comedy for my YouTube channel.

I share political commentary via Facebook and Twitter.

My other hobbies/interests include 
photography, cooking and baking, crafts such as floral design and jewelry-making, poetry, language, musical instruments, singing, dancing, roller skating, health and fitness, weight lifting, education, and science. I am also a professionally-trained custom picture framer with twenty years of experience.

Though I take advantage of all opportunities to learn, I did not attend any secondary education, and I am primarily self-taught. After years of struggling with anxiety, depression, then watching my mother pass away before age sixty, I had an early mid-life crisis. I got divorced, lost 70lbs, and moved across the country from Houston, Texas, to Saint Paul, Minnesota, where I began building a new life in 2015.

In early 2019 I was diagnosed with ADHD, and I began medication which, combined with a better understanding of how my attention span and focus operate, has helped me to conquer many of the frustrations and obstacles that have plagued me for most of my life beginning in childhood.

In late 2020 I was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. My diagnosis, after a life-long search, finally provided me with answers and context for my persistent difficulties with communication, social and interpersonal skills, and feeling “othered.” It has also helped me to make peace with much of the abusive treatment I have been subjected to, especially while growing up, as a result of my condition.

In early 2021, due to my family breast cancer risk and gender dysphoria, I underwent a total double-mastectomy. I came out publicly as agender/non-binary shortly afterward. I also live with OCD, PTSD, severe Major Depressive Disorder, and Panic Disorder, no doubt related to the aggravation and sense of failure caused by untreated ADHD and ASD.

Some days are still hard, but I am doing much better!

I am an advocate for progressive politics, supporter of social justice causes, and do my best to give back and be involved in my community whenever possible. In the past this has included charitable giving, classroom activities with school children, work in senior/elder care, helping to promote and facilitate my local comic book convention, and being involved with/supporting small animal rescue.

In an effort to be environmentally-friendly (and thrifty!) almost 100% of the colourful jackets and other clothing items I can be seen wearing at events and in my videos are secondhand/used, often purchased from individual sellers and small home-based businesses like myself.

My Patreon and Etsy storefront are my primary sources of income, and they are how I support myself. I personally pack and ship each order sold directly from my studio.

My whole life is dedicated to artistic and personal growth, and emotional, mental, and physical development.

I hope you will consider supporting my work. Thank you!