[VIDEO BLOG] Premature Tree-Decoration

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Big snowfall? Time to bust out the Christmas tree!

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Struggling to find balance and reestablish a routine after the Fall convention, my computer breaking down, friends’ needs, and increasing work hours.

[VIDEO BLOG] Nuthin’ Much

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Fall is almost over and the snow will be coming soon.

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[VIDEO BLOG] Computer Upgrade

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In this Sunday’s vlog, I discuss some technical difficulties.

The latest Windows 10 update bricked my 7 year-old computer’s Windows 10 installation. After several days of attempting every practical method of repair, recovery, or re-installation short of wiping clean the hard drive, I threw in the towel. My machine has struggled since I began audio and video editing, but I was hoping to purchase the parts gradually by the end of the year. Last year I had a problem with overheating, and ended up replacing the CPU’s cooler, video card, and PSU. Honestly, this was probably not the worst time for this to happen. Coming off a convention, I am about to ramp back into production mode, and now this issue has been resolved. I finished assembling the new machine, ENOCH IV, on Friday, and finished installing and restoring all of my software and settings this evening. ENOCH III, my previous machine, will be refurbished into a backup Linux box with some spare parts from a second old machine. Most things I can access with my phone, but not everything.

This new rig did cost me slightly over $1k. About half I was able to purchase with credit, though it meant I had to cancel a planned trip to a convention. If you would like to help, please head over to my support page for options.

There are also a few components on my Amazon wishlist.



For this build, I decided to finally make the move from a mid-size tower to a full-tower setup. As you can see in the above photos — I am quite small, and the computer tower is quite large. I also switched to SDD for my main drive, and so far I have been impressed with the speed. Now I am looking forward to getting some real work done this week! Full speed ahead!

[VIDEO BLOG] Talkin’ About Lunch Break

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In this Sunday’s vlog, I discuss the how and why of what happened to “Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break” and my plans to finish what I started.

Continuing to improve my video editing skills, I made a matching title card for my vlogs and tidied up my YouTube channel today. I have passed 500, on my way to 1000 subscribers! Also, I have been getting some SUPER engagement on Facebook lately! Four years of work beginning to manifest for me.

Facebook Engagement

Doing my best to work in a cookie video and some time-lapse inking soon, as well as drafting an audio blog to record either this week or next. And getting back into the gym. And and and arranging new podcast episodes. Busy!

[VIDEO BLOG] tired af

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Thank you everyone who made MSP Fall Comicon 2018 a success!

The weather was a little cold, but we had a fantastic and enthusiastic crowd, and the best sales I have experienced at the fall show yet. My black jumpsuit and boots got so many compliments! However, one of my favourite parts of every show is washing off all that makeup at the end of the night.

Fall Comicon 2018

Fall Comicon 2018

Fall Comicon 2018

Work resumes on both Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break and Queen of Assholes this week. Several people have expressed desire for another baking video, so I may have one of those for you mid-October. Stay tuned!