[VIDEO BLOG] The Greatest Gift

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Thank everyone who helped make 2019 my best birthday ever.

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[VIDEO BLOG] Happy birthday to me!

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I reached 10k Likes on my Facebook page. Hurray!

[VIDEO BLOG] Break the Chains

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Motivating myself through motivating others.

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Dawn is complete and 2019 is off to a FANTASTIC start!

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A Samsung Galaxy tablet donated to MN Pocket Pet Rescue. I am hopeful and enthusiastic for the opportunity to volunteer with their organization engaging in local community outreach, and education about rats as pets.

MN Pocket Pet Rescue

If you have ever wondered why it takes me weeks, months, or even years to finish anything, the image below is the main reason why. I could easily have done a dozen or more revisions of this piece if I did not force myself to stop. What should have been a three to four hour project ended up taking most of three days, and that is only because I was limited by a publishing deadline. I should have scanned the pencils and inked it digitally. I do better in “sketchy” styles when I can edit and redraw on the fly. I did not have time to go balls-out inking this, though I would have, if I could stay on task.

Lance and Jin Sketches

I am desperately trusting the ADHD specialist and/or therapist will be able to help me in March. It feels like my brain is in a fog about 75% of the time I am trying to do anything that requires extended focus or concentration. My day jobs have all been very active and fast-paced, so I perform well there. This is my last major obstacle to making any further significant forward momentum, and I am beyond frustrated. I have been self-medicating, with some success, using caffeine pills to finish the Dawn piece, but even that is slow.

[VIDEO BLOG] Driven to Distraction

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“Driven to Distraction”
by Edward M. Hallowell M.D. and John J. Ratey M.D.

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I never quite looked at a list like this before and just said, “Oh.”

Diagnostic Criteria for Adult ADHD

Continuing with the lifestyle changes for now!