[VIDEO BLOG] The Autobiographer

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Continuing to make progress and finish new work.

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The first volume of Have Tablet Will Scribble is in the works with a target to be printed in September or October of this year. Books! Comics! Comic books!

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I ran over a series of deep potholes coming home one night last week, in an unlit area, and ruined one of my brand-new tires. Thankfully, I made it home safely without a blow-out, losing control of my car, or worse. One wheel was damaged, and I may replace it soon, but I did have to purchase another new tire. I had never seen a “tire bubble” before. I drove back to the area during the daytime to see what I hit. Apparently I can file a claim with MnDOT.

Searching out ways to resolve the scheduling issue, I am making plans to get my CNA after my final convention of this year in the fall. Doing so would open up positions with more flexibility to me. I am also researching the feasibility of earning an LPN while juggling a job and my personal business. (Wrapping up a few almost-finished projects would help, significantly.) I would like to evolve into hospice care, someday, as I feel a spiritual call to care for the dying. I am comfortable with death and loss in a way that many people are not.

This essay about “hunger” I read on Sunday resonated with me.

[VIDEO BLOG] MSP Springcon 2019

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Meet me Saturday, May 18th (10A – 6PM) or Sunday, May 19th (10AM – 5PM) at the MN State Fair Grandstand for MSP Springcon 2019!

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Find more information and the full guest list at!

MCBA MSP Springcon 2019

Bid on the original comic artwork below at the “Charity Art Auction,” located in the Guest Panel Room on the second floor, Sunday, 2:30PM. Proceeds benefit the Hero Initiative and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


Happy bidding, and I hope to see you soon!

[VIDEO BLOG] Free Comic Book Day!

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Meet me Saturday, May 4th at Hot Comics and Collectibles in Richfield, MN, for Free Comic Book Day! (8AM – 4PM, 6609 Nicollet Ave S Richfield MN 55423)

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[VIDEO BLOG] Heavy Lifting

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Bro, do you even lift?

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Three-ish weeks on ADHD medication, and I feel a little like I have developed a super-power. A few evenings ago, I was attempting to have a conversation with someone soft-spoken while his TV blasted a talking-head news program only a few feet away. In the past the two streams of competing sound would have sent my brain bouncing back-and-forth like a pinball, but I found that I could follow him easily, and even recall what I was told in detail later. I think this is probably an ability most people take for granted. The feelings of being “out of sync” with everyone around me have slowly faded, and I certainly feel more present and engaged, generally. I am being mindful of creating “good” habits while I am medicated, that will hopefully carry-over at least somewhat to the times when I am not. The consuming sense of impatience and urgency that I experienced when hyperfocused on something is fading, as well.

I was apprehensive about the loss of hyperfocus, but the increase in day-to-day productivity, and time not lost to disorganization more than makes up for it. Now that my office is clean (I was excited to show before and after pics to my therapist!), next is my convention prep for this year, then finish getting my financials in order. I have continued to be on-time to things, and not missed a single gym day this month, in spite of coming down with another cold.

I am not sure if this is “being normal,” but I like it.