SSL, Store, and Website Updates

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This is just a short post to note that I spent several hours today on technical grunt-work, implementing SSL across all of my websites. I had been putting it off for a while, but one of my readers nudged me about it last week. So now you will find the happy little padlock icon in your browser-bar, and surf more securely. The worst of it was correcting some stupidly hard-coded image URLs in every comic archive post. I am so exhausted that the mind-numbingness of it was almost welcome. More loose-ends finally tied up, though.

The “About Me” section of this website has been expanded and updated.

My Etsy store has re-open post-Fall Comicon, with updated inventory counts. Some items have very low stock numbers, and some will not be reprinted, to make way for new items next year. Now is a great time to place an order!

I am also very happy — and maybe a little overwhelmed — to report that the Internet loves my black jumpsuit and boots as much as my in-person guests did! I wish that I could find more like it, and the short-sleeved white one, but I purchased them back in 2003. If you happen to run across any similar suits in a current-day size 2 to small 4, feel free to send them along my way. If it is something I can use, I will happily trade art/sketches of equivalent value.

Facebook Post

I should be receiving the photos from Fall Comicon soon. I am looking forward to that. Special thanks to the lovely Kristina who assisted me this show, and to my friend Ben Cooper and his daughter for handling the photography. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to help grow this convention and take it to the next level, and to those friends and fellow volunteers that make that possible. The MCBA is the closest thing I have to a family, and one of the first places I have felt truly welcome in my life. I will fight with everything I have to ensure its future going forward. This is my home now.

The rest of this week is set aside for drawing, recovery, and the day job. Get back into the gym on Wednesday. No pain, no gains, as the saying goes.

Turning Points, Vol 2

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Short written post this week, as most of my energy is going into preparations for MSP Fall Comicon, specifically churning out pre-drawn sketch cards to give away to the first visitors to my booth in the morning. I also plan to give away the remainder of the “piRATe” tote bags left-over from the spring convention. I have stuffed them with free colouring pages, crayon packs, and flyers.

I eat the cheapest nutritionally-sound meals I can engineer, so I can afford to give more back to YOU! All right, I am actually just that fuckin’ boring IRL.

You should see my growing collection of Goodwill-grandma sweaters.

Venture Brothers Sketch Cards

I plan to continue drawing sketch cards over my lunch breaks throughout the year, so I can bank them up for conventions. The exercise in different styles feels good, and they are a fun way to scratch the itch to do fan art.

More notable milestones recently — today I crossed 7k users on my Facebook page. I am on schedule to max out my personal account’s 5k, and reach 10k on my page by the end of the year. Please follow if you are not already!

There have been lots of additions to the gift and guest art gallery!

Goal weight achieved!

Also, for the record, today I reached my original weight-loss goal of 110lbs. It did take longer than I intended, but my focus shifted to weight maintenance after May. Once the convention season has ended, I plan to experiment while I figure out how much I need to eat to maximize my weight-lifting efforts.

That’s all for now! I hope to see you at Fall Comicon this weekend!

Turning Points

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As I mentioned in the previous post, on Monday this week I hit the milestone of 100 patrons on my Patreon account. This month is also notable because I have reached parity with the most income I have ever made, on an average monthly basis, from my art and comics. The previous high-water mark was in 2007 before my productivity, health, and mental health started to decline. Of course, my living expenses are much greater now, and I am not comfortable going without health insurance like I was throughout my 20s. My audience is still slightly smaller, but growing steadily on all fronts and I have strategies in place to continue that growth. I also produce multimedia content now, have a larger arsenal of technical skills and tools at my disposal, and a baseline of unshakeable confidence and patience that I did not have in the past. This is all independent of the healthier changes on the personal side of my life.

In the simplest terms, I have found a way to “hack” my obsessive brain and thought patterns to make them work for me. I go to sleep at the same time most nights, eat the same food and wear the same clothes most days, and have distilled my days down into a clockwork, highly-efficient, repetitive grind. This would probably drive most people insane, but the resulting stability and predictability works very well for me. I break my routine one or two days per week, and the wide diversity of projects I work on keeps the need for variety satisfied. I have gotten rid of almost everything I own that is not functionally useful or something I admire daily, to minimize my time spent cleaning. There is some work still to do bringing my book-keeping up to date, and organizing my office. Once that is completed, I will have nothing holding me back.

This feels like my moment. This is the part of my story where three-and-a-half years — really, four years if you go back to when I first started to work again in 2014 — of effort in both my personal and professional life start to come to fruition. I am in the best physical and mental shape of my life, and bringing all the details into order on the business side of things. I have a clarity of vision how everything will ultimately come together, and rigorous plans in action. All that is left is to open the throttle, and see how far I can go. Watch out!


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Allow me to tell you the story, now, of a fiercely defiant, individualistic, and a stubborn little girl. A little asshole. A girl that lived slightly out of sync with the rest of the world, ground down into a deep depression over the years by the expectations, judgement, and disappointments of family and society at large. Allow me to tell you the true story of the curious, wonderful, and often painful life this girl lived, until one fine day, she woke up with a purpose and shouted at the sky, “I don’t give a flying fuck if you think I’m an asshole anymore!”

And on that day, the little asshole earned her crown.

Chess Queen, Wikipedia

After much toiling, sacrifices, and about thirty hours of crushing work, the first real page of Queen of Assholes is complete. I am looking forward to showing my chops as a more dramatic writer and storyteller. Queen is the combination and culmination of everything I have worked toward for most of my life.

I am working twelve and fourteen hour days, almost seven days a week, to build the necessary finances and momentum to see this through to success. The pages will finish faster as the full-page format grows more intuitive with experience. The introduction is somewhat self-contained (a sort of “mission statement” piece) and I plan to self-publish that as a magazine-sized floppy in the spring of next year. After that, it will be 2-4 years before I can publish a formal Volume One, depending on the speed at which I am able to produce. It will continue to be serialized online as a webcomic. I have, very tentatively, two more videos planned that correspond with parts of the introduction, but they are dependent upon some harder to get footage and rights to music.

I never grew up.

For multiple reasons, this was, emotionally and physically speaking, the most difficult video I have made. Due to the heat, hat, black clothing, and spinning, I got quite sick while filming the ride footage, which was made back in June. I chose to feature some photographs of me as a baby, along with my mother, who passed away in 2010 at the age of only 59. The drawings were made in 1984, at age four, and are the earliest surviving examples of anything I have drawn. They are contrasted against my latest work, where I have continued to push the limits of my artistic and creative abilities. This song is a personal favourite of mine, both for its simplicity, and the dual purpose I have given it here — the struggle to be seen and loved for what I am by my parents, and the desire to eventually find a partner capable of walking alongside me.

My work is lonely work, but it is a Faustian bargain I consciously and willingly made. I am blessed to have a motley crew of caring and supportive friends, without whom what I am doing would be virtually impossible. I am blessed to have some of the most dedicated readers in the world, some having followed me for nearly two decades. It is through your love that I discovered my own strength. It is because of you, that discouragement cannot touch me.

Perhaps someday I will find my King of Assholes.



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I am not the same person I was three years ago.

I am leaner, but not meaner. I am confident, patient, stronger, and wiser. I am committed to both artistic and personal growth. I am committed to a lifetime of minimalism, moderation, and simplicity. I am committed to a lifetime of art, advocacy, charity, healing, and spirit of service through my work.

I am committed to living with purpose. I know who I am.

I am formidable.

Please allow me to reintroduce myself.

FLIGHT 8″ × 10″ India ink on 140lb hot press watercolour paper. Lines inked by brush, with texturing done by 100-year-old crow quill pen given to me by friend and fellow artist Lance Ward. Details and original for sale at Etsy.

Pre-order my 2018 T-shirts and Happy Rats colouring books at Etsy.


My newest video is complete — slightly later than I planned, but the bird took a tremendous amount of effort. Each of these projects becomes a little more complicated and ambitious, and I thoroughly enjoy blurring the lines between so many varying art forms. There are no boundaries to true creativity.

These are among the greatest works that I have created so far, and among the weakest works that I have yet to do. The road ahead of me is long, and I am only getting started. Have no doubt, I will make the journey.