Frequently Asked Questions

Did you go to art school or University?

No, I have no post-high school or formal higher education. After high school, I was accepted into The Art Institute of Houston, but I declined to attend after learning how much it would cost my parents. I attended roughly six weeks of community college before dropping out, due to inability to consistently attend classes or focus on classwork. I took a few art classes during my grade school education. My chosen electives were primarily music (viola and coronet), computer programming, theatre, and French. I am almost entirely self-taught in all ways of my creative and business work.

How much of what you create, post, and share do you make yourself?

While I occasionally collaborate with friendly creatives, and I need assistance at conventions and events, I am basically a “one-woman act.” I use content-management systems like ComicPress, WordPress, and ZenPhoto, but I am my own art representative, marketer, social media manager, graphic designer, website builder, and promoter. I use selfie-sticks, tripods, and mobile phones to create most of my own photography and video footage. I do all of my own rudimentary audio, photo, and video editing. I do all of my own book-keeping and business management. And of course I create all of my artwork, comics (both digital and the physical book layouts), and other projects. This is partly because I like having 100% control over my creative output, but also to keep a lean budget, and avoid the legal issues associated with split copyrights.

Who are your artistic influences?

As a visually-oriented person, of course I am influenced by nearly everything I come into contact with. However, I grew up reading the comic-strip section of the newspaper from a young age, and that influence is most visible in my earliest efforts at comics. As a teenager I was deeply attracted to the style of Drew Hayes and Poison Elves. I was fortunate to enjoy a brief friendship with Drew a few years before his death. I was also influenced as a teen by many of the earlier Magic: The Gathering artists — notably Douglas Shuler, Quinton Hoover, and Tony DiTerlizzi, whom I also enjoyed brief friendships with at that formative time in my life. I adore the delicate works of Yoshitaka Amano and, classically, Alphonse Mucha. My favourite Renaissance painter is the dynamic and colourful Dom√©nikos Theotok√≥poulos, known commonly as El Greco. More recently, as I have come to learn more about comic books as a medium, the work of Bill Sienkiewicz has become another visual influence and inspiration. For as much comparison as I receive, my style evolved independently of much exposure to the artwork of Robert Crumb and Basil Wolverton, however I do enjoy them now. And of course I am influenced by the general anime/manga, Disney, and Bluth animation styles I was exposed to while growing up.