Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to interview me in any format, include me as a guest on your show, or host me at your in-person events including comic book conventions, please contact my “bookings” email at least two weeks in advance.

How much of what you create, post, and share do you make yourself?

While I occasionally collaborate with friendly creatives, and I need assistance at conventions and events, I am primarily a “one-woman act.” I use content-management systems like ComicPress, WordPress, and ZenPhoto, but I am my own art representative, marketer, social media manager, graphic designer, website builder, and promoter. I use selfie-sticks, tripods, and mobile phones to create most of my own photography and video footage. I do all of my own rudimentary audio, photo, and video editing. I do all of my own book-keeping and business management. And of course I create all of my artwork, comics (both digital and the physical book layouts), and other projects. This is partly because I like having 100% control over my creative output, but also to keep a lean budget, and avoid the legal issues associated with split copyrights.