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My evaluation with the ADHD specialist is coming next week. I am hopeful for that. Two weeks ago I scrubbed my bathroom from top to bottom, and threw out a large trash bag of old makeup and other products, and put all my “daily use” makeup together in a box to keep it clean and neat. It is a chicken-and-egg scenario — but I cannot tell whether I am happier because of the clutter, garbage, and superfluous stuff I am throwing out, or whether I am throwing these things out because I am happier. Of course, it does not really matter.

I am not sure how I still have anything left after two years of purging!

I took photographs of my office, the last “disaster” I am fighting to overcome, for the specialist and/or therapist. I have tried many, many times to organize my office, but every time I succeeded, the room spirals back to “piles of paper everywhere” state very quickly. I sincerely suspect this is contributing to the productivity issues — like the noise issues I mentioned before, the mess feels incredibly suffocating and overstimulating. In my reading about ADHD recently I ran across something called the Touch-It-Once Rule, so I have been slowly rewiring my habits to incorporate that behaviour. I am also utilizing a timer to spend about thirty minutes per day sorting papers, and discarding everything that is trash or that I can bear to part with. I have been sketching at my day job in quiet moments and on breaks without any “fidgety” problems.

Last night I sat down with several spiral notebooks that I hand-write scripts and ideas into, taking stock of my entire body of work, and engaging in some “big picture” thinking. The comics feel more manageable laid out this way.

1. Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break – webcomic, book/minis, almost complete
2. A Dollar Late and A Day Short – webcomic, book/mini, almost complete
3. Have Tablet, Will Scribble – webcomic, minis only, ongoing
4. Queen of Assholes – webcomic, TPBs/volumes, ongoing
5. The Book of Al – webcomic, single book, one-shot
6. TBA sketchbook project – poetry/prose, single book, one-shot
7. TBA sketchbook project – comics/drawing, single book, one-shot

Projects number six and seven are unique, in that I want to execute them in a “sketchbook” style. I aim to work on them exclusively outside my office until I reach the publishing stage. I like that an overall theme has emerged among all of my primary projects, including the TBA ones — an exploration of change, growth, connectedness, what it means to be human, and the impermanence of life. Thirty-nine years upon this planet have lead me to this moment, in this place, at this time, but it was my new day job at the beginning of 2019 that has finally sparked the “why.” My days are filled with art, books, and hard but fulfilling work — and making people laugh, smile, or think. I have rarely been poorer, owned less crap, and never felt more whole. I am grateful.

I have had several people lately express their preference to support my work without using Patreon, and over the next few weeks and months, I am going to be shifting focus to my general support page rather than Patreon. At the same time, I have been quite happy with Patreon, myself, and I want to find new ways to value-add for my supporters there in the future. Patreon is still my preferred method of support, as it is very easy for me to manage, much in the way Etsy helps with the store-side of things. But there are options.

This weekend I am preparing my presentation for the school children I will be speaking to soon! If that goes well, I should have some photographs and/or video, along with a trip report, for you later in the week.

Piece of Cake

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“The icing on the cake is when other people enjoy your
vision and support what you do.” – Cise Star

For my birthday this year, I took a break from my struggles with drawing right now to make myself a Queen of Assholes-themed birthday cake. I really need to drag my ass into a Wilton cake-decorating class one of these days to learn proper frosting techniques, instead of constantly winging it, but the finished cake is close to my original vision. The crown is representative of the poster-board and glitter crown I made for my Queen of Assholes video, the grass and flowers are representative of Como Park (where I make much of my footage) and the BLOOM video, and the top hat is obvious, but also representative of the JENNY video. If you are wondering what became of the cake afterward, I ate so much extra cookies, cake, and frosting during the process of making it, that after my documentation was done I cut and gave most of it away.

Queen of Assholes Birthday Cake

Almost every time I work on a video feature, I learn something new, which I find incredibly addictive. In this instance, I finally got the hang of the subtitles function. I have also been experimenting more with multiple layers and tracks of audio and video. I know there are ongoing issues with the capture quality, but especially in my kitchen, space is limited and the lighting is very poor.

My birthday cake took approximately thirty hours to make over the course of three nights, including prep work. I recorded the whole process, and edited it down to slightly over one hour, with some portions of playback up to 5x-15x actual speed. The full video, below, also includes my failed attempt at making hard candy, during which I earned myself a (potentially second-degree) burn on my drawing hand when I dripped 300°F hot melted sugar on it. Once the cooked skin sloughed off, the wound was nearly a full 1/16th of an inch deep, with a perfect edge. My inner child found that to be cool and interesting.

I also edited a “highlights” copy to show the progression of the cake creation with only music, for the benefit of anyone that wants to see the construction and individual components without watching the long, detailed version.

You can see more of my edible creations at

[VIDEO BLOG] Happy birthday to me!

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Monthly Spotlight: Ben Cooper

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“Monthly spotlight” is a recurring feature of this blog where once per month, I introduce you to the biography and creative work of some of my best friends and colleagues. Please take a moment to learn about them!

This month’s spotlight is on friend Ben Cooper. In Ben’s own words…

“Photography is a lifelong passion for me. It gives me new perspectives on the world around me, and allows me to chronicle moments in time. It’s what I love to do.”

“While I enjoy photographing anything interesting, I am especially fascinated by rediscovering the world immediately around me. I grew up in the Twin Cities area and have lived in Minnesota for most of my life. (It’s Gray Duck!) I feel fortunate to live here: close to incredible arts, architecture, professional sports and city life, but still within reach of beautiful lakes, wildlife and nature. It’s this world near to me that comprises much of what I photograph. I started using my camera to preserve and capture some of the places and moments that are special about Minnesota, as well as discovering new ones. In the process I’ve gained amazing new perspectives on things close to me but often overlooked or taken for granted.”

Island Near Horseshoe Bay by Ben Cooper

“I try to learn something every time I use my camera, in terms of photography and the place or subject I’m shooting. Whether it’s long-exposure photography involving physical filters, old-school film photography, or creative lighting for a portrait shoot, I’m always trying to learn or perfect something and challenge myself. I try to capture what it is about a subject that fascinates me, so I can preserve and share it through photography. I love the idea that at some point after I’m gone, some of what I’ve created will live on.”

Twin Cities After Sunset by Ben Cooper

“I sell my work online through my website,, but I also do a lot of shows in the spring, summer and fall. I love doing indoor events like the St. Paul Art Crawl and Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl, but typically do several outdoor shows as well. Outdoor shows can be extremely challenging, especially when factoring in the weather elements, but it’s a great way to gain exposure and meet new people and prospective buyers. Currently, I’m gearing up for a more ambitious, somewhat abstract, film photography project with the goal of a possible grant and a future solo show.”

North Shore Sunrise by Ben Cooper

Learn more:
Ben R Cooper Photography
Ben R Cooper Photography @ Facebook
Ben R Cooper Photography @ Instagram
Ben R Cooper Photography @ Twitter

[VIDEO BLOG] Break the Chains

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Motivating myself through motivating others.

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